Cycling Events to Support Charity Efforts

In recent years, more people have participated in biking competitions to support organizations and causes that they care about. Many bike ride competitions support charity and nonprofit organizations in the United States. If you are looking to participate in such a competition anytime soon, here are some options for you.

The Tour de Cure bike ride series go around nearly 80 cities in about 44 states annually. The American Diabetes Association founded the ride to raise funds to foster research, advocacy, and education about cancer in the United States. Over the years, the Tour de Cure has raised money running into millions of dollars, helping the American Diabetes Association to achieve a lot of its objectives. To participate in the 2022 Tour de Cure, you need a registration fee of $10. Also, riders have to raise at least $250. For 17 or below, the minimum amount is $50.

Another ride that you want to check out is CampoVelo. CampoVelo has more attractions than riding and giving money to charity. Apart from fundraising, CampoVelo aims to provide riders with an all-around dining experience that they won’t forget in a hurry. CampoVelo is held at the Napa and Sonoma valleys in Northern California, so riders get a great view of the valley and mountainside, in addition to an adventure as the area is filled with undulating trails and roads. Napa and Sonoma are well known for their wineries; hence, riders also taste the best wine while eating great food. Proceeds from CampoVelo go to No Kid Hungry.

You also want to look out for Reach the Beach, a ride organized by the American Lung Association that aims to raise money to support patients with lung-related illnesses. Presently, the association is focusing the ride’s funds on improving lung health concerning the COVID 19 pandemic. In 2022, Reach the Beach will have a physical ride event and a virtual one called Cycle Your Way. Both rides will hold in May.

The physical ride will have four routes that cyclists can choose from. In-person cyclists have to pay a registration fee and raise $200 for the American Lung Association. When they raise this amount, they can get a medal and tee-shirt. The difference between the in-person ride and the Cycle Your Way is that riders do not have to pay a registration fee, and they choose any route and any day to cycle. They still get a tee shirt and medal if they raise $200.

Lastly, another charity bike ride is FLAG2GC, an Arizona-based ride that seeks to provide for some less privileged children and families in Northern Arizona. Organized by the Marine League Charities, FLAG2GC is an off-road ride spanning Flagstaff, Arizona, to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Participating in this race, you would witness great mountain views, pines, and aesthetic grassland.

The proceeds gotten from FLAG2GC go to Toys for Tots of Northern Arizona and Marine League Charities. Since it was started over 20 years ago, the event has generated more than $1 million for Marine League Charities. FLAG2GC has different commitment levels. The “gecko” level requires that riders raise $500. “Gila Monster,” on the other hand, requires cyclists to generate $1,000 for Marine League Charities.

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